Capital Lending


Companies Need Business Loans in Tough Times and For Managed Growth

We specialize in helping private and public companies obtain working capital through asset based loans, bridge loans, accounts receivable and purchase order financing to meet the capital requirements of the company. 

Accounts Receivable Financing

With our accounts receivable financing options, you can access cash without having to give up the normal process of invoicing your own customers. You can leverage both your Accounts Receivable and also your Pipeline of Orders that need capital to begin production as part of your access to financing. 

Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Business Loans are collateralized by the value of accounts receivable and inventory; fixed assets such as machinery or equipment can be structured in a flexible and individualized fashion that best suit the business operation. As a revolving line of credit that changes with your needs, you only pay interest on the outstanding balance at any given time and you control your requirements and cost of capital as needed. Reserve Capital Group can arrange term loans collateralized by fixed assets unlike many other secured lenders. Combinations of financing based on current and fixed asset value can be designed to meet your needs and support your seasonal fluctuations in your business to expand during planned stages of growth. 

Purchase Order and Trade Financing

We provide purchase order funding for the import and export or domestic production of pre-sold merchandise. Often, a company’s greatest challenge is not sales or production, but simply locating the financing to procure pre-sold merchandise.  

Mezzanine and Acquisition Financing

Loan structures that sit behind the secured creditor require an experienced approach to funding while managing the legal process between lenders. As companies look for external growth or exits including acquisitions or being acquired themselves, experience in acquisition financing is critical to the company's path forward and the shareholders future. Lenders in this space think differently and have qualifying criteria that must be managed with experience that we provide.

DIP Lending

A DIP loan is a loan to a company that commences a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company receives the liquidity it projects it needs to operate and restructure while in bankruptcy.  The DIP loan process is conducted in the open bankruptcy court making the DIP loan a part of the approval process by the bankruptcy judge.   The DIP loan process is different and more difficult than a typical loan process and is not a simple solution to existing company problems if not planned for properly and managed correctly.